Hi there and welcome! Thank you so much for visiting JoshTheMagicMan.com. Here you will find information regarding, myself, Josh Alexander the Magic Man, the Master of Ceremonies, and the coach. In this website you will find a load of information for each of my services. You may think that as a magician I am only focused on doing kids birthday parties… Unfortunately, this is not true as my audience is mostly adults (English speaking ones as well).

My mission is simple:
“Transforming ordinary into EXTRAordinary.”

That means that whether you have me at your next large event or if we have a personal development session, my goal will be to take whatever you have in the moment and turn it into something greater. With an event, I would support the overall delivery by bringing a unique energy towards the participants (as an MC) or maybe even throw in something unique (magic!) to entertain the guest so that they would have more than just an ‘ok’ time at your next event.


Let’s face it. Our lives are filled with invitations to birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, exhibitions, and meetings. One could expect nearly the same thing from each event. Wedding receptions have the long lines where you greet the bride and groom followed by food. Office gatherings start with the opening speech, followed by long presentations, and a closing. It’s all like we are copy-pasting a template for every event.

I believe that we all have the potential to be creative in every aspect of our lives. We are not meant to live monotonous lives. Once you allow “something different” to happen to the regular patterns, you open up the chance to experience BETTER. Would you rather have people go to “just another birthday party” or would you want to leave with an experience that they will talk about for a long time?


Every event I have been privileged to be a part of has never been about me. Obviously, if someone is celebrating a birthday, I wouldn’t want to take the attention of the guests away from them. As a magic man, an MC, or a coach, it’s all about YOU. Whether its the theme of the event, or your personal life journey, I bring in support to make it better.


If you made it to the bottom of this article, then you must be interested. Feel free to browse the website by clicking the links at the top or by going back to the home page to see Josh The Magic Man, Josh The MC, and Josh The Coach. Or you can contact me at +62 813 819 22 444 or you can email me at josh@joshthemagicman.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

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