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International entertainer

Does your event NEED a magician?

No. You don’t need a magician. You don’t need a dj. And any gathering doesn’t need food. But all of those things (and more) are surely nice elements to have to make sure your event isn’t just another event. 

Every event these days are nearly all the same. Birthdays have cake and balloons. Business meetings have long dull presentations. Weddings have live bands.

What if your next event could be BETTER

When I partner with an organizer of an event, the first thing I tell them is to DROP whatever assumptions they may have of me as a magician. My goal is not to “do tricks” at your event but rather to complement it by adding a UNIQE ELEMENT so that your guests will have a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.

Discover how I can help make your next event turn from ordinary into EXTRAordinary.

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What they're saying about Josh

I first met Josh when he mesmerized my young son with a simple pen and paper trick. A couple years later, we hired him for my son's seventh birthday. I knew Josh was a truly skilled entertainer after he captivated more than a dozen seven-year-olds, keeping them entertained and in control. Josh worked the same "magic" on larger and older crowds, and I've always hoped for him to pursue this career on the largest stage. He is not only a great magician, but also a truly engaging entertainer. I'd hire him again in a second, and I strongly recommend him to all.
Michael Mazenko
Josh was the perfect fit for our 25th anniversary Party for Indonesian children - the kids were rapt with attention and amazed by the performance - I am sure they will remember Josh for years to come! As regards arrangements, this was so easy to do and helped enormously by the fact that Josh speaks fluent Indonesian and English, plus the booking is so well set up online. There was no stress about getting to the venue on time, Josh was very prepared and had GPS, so I found him 100% organized and reliable.
Louise Kennedy
ANZA Sponsorship
Friends, Absolutely fantastic is Josh's tableside magic performance at de Hooi Restaurant & Pub; a true crowd pleaser. Josh comes to pub, and moves from table to table performing magic. And leaves the tables amazed and always wanting more. He has a genial nature and a natural smile, that immediately puts people at ease. He warms up the table with a few simple magic tricks, like card tricks; then progresses into more elaborate ones. The customers' reactions are pricelessthey love it. It turns a normal night at a pub into a very special, very memorable experience for our customers. I highly recommend Josh for any event, whether its tableside magic or a proper performance. He has an endless bag of tricks, a great stage presence and an ability to connect with his audience. More than that, though, he amazes people with his magic, and provides a delightful, wholesome and fun event. Cheers.
Fritz Babaji Gheen
GM De Hooi

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